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Customers rate the app an average of two stars on iOS and three stars on Android platforms, which is better than many of Scottrade's competitors. You can also synchronize your mobile homepage with your computer's to make seamless trades from one device to the next/5.

If you need help understanding the benefits of each type of IRA, Scottrade can walk you through which is best for you by answering some interactive questions via its website. All trades operate under a flat-fee structure, meaning there are no gimmicks or trickery. Blank fields may indicate the information is not available, not applicable, or not known to CreditDonkey. Immediately, I felt I was in good hands and couldn't help but think Scottrade was going to be my new best friend. He has placed over 1, stock, options, forex, and crypto trades since

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Scottrade clients have moved to TD Ameritrade Since TD Ameritrade acquired Scottrade in September , we've worked diligently to bring our companies together.

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